Sigiriya Day Tour

Tour Start Location - Kandy

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Kandy Sigiriya and National park  

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● Hindu temple 
● Dabulla cave's temple 
● Herbl garden 
● Lion rock
● National park (Specially Elephant Safari in Minneriya National Park)

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Historical Significance: Sigiriya, also known as the Lion Rock, is an ancient rock fortress and palace located in the central part of Sri Lanka. It was built by King Kashyapa in the 5th century AD.

Architectural Marvel: The site features a massive rock column rising about 200 meters above the surrounding landscape. The palace complex at the top of the rock includes intricate water gardens, frescoes of the "Sigiriya Maidens," and a unique stone lion gateway.

Climb to the Summit: Visitors can climb to the summit of Sigiriya via a series of staircases and pathways. The climb offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area and a chance to explore the historical ruins.

Frescoes: The famous frescoes depict elegantly painted females, believed to be celestial nymphs or members of the royal court. These paintings showcase the artistic prowess of the time.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Sigiriya has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical and cultural significance.

Dambulla Cave Temple: Dambulla is home to the Dambulla Cave Temple, also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla. It's a complex of cave temples that house a large collection of Buddhist murals, statues, and religious artifacts.

Five Caves: The cave complex consists of five main caves, each containing a collection of Buddha statues and intricate frescoes. These caves are carved into the rock face of a massive granite outcrop.

Buddha Statues: The caves house over 150 statues of Buddha, including a 14-meter-long reclining Buddha statue and a standing Buddha statue in a posture of "calling the earth to witness."

Frescoes and Paintings: The cave walls are adorned with vibrant and well-preserved frescoes depicting scenes from the life of Buddha and other religious narratives.

Religious Significance: The Dambulla Cave Temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka and has been a center of Buddhist worship for over 2,000 years.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Similar to Sigiriya, the Dambulla Cave Temple is also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its historical and artistic significance.

Visiting Tips:

- Both Sigiriya and Dambulla are located in close proximity, making them convenient to visit on the same trip.
- Wear comfortable footwear and clothing for exploring the sites.
- Respect local customs and traditions while visiting religious sites.
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